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Michael James Smith


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I’ve been an art lover for as long as I can remember, a professional landscape artist since leaving art college at 18, and more recently a YouTuber and art instructor.  Painting runs in the blood in my family. My father is also an artist as was his father before him and his father before him.  I’m having a blast following my passion as an artist, trying to improve in all aspects of my trade. I’d love for you to feel the same way as I do about art and in particular painting realistic paintings. If painting’s your passion or you’d like it to be, buckle up, take a deep breath, let’s get painting!


online painting school

I've developed my oil painting techniques over the last twenty five years in order to create vibrant, photorealistic paintings. Even if you are a total beginner at painting with oils, there's something for everyone at Michael James Smith Tv.

On average a full length tutorial is between 4-20 hours, filmed in real-time with no time-lapse content at all.

I'll teach you all you need to know, from the basics of colour mixing, through to painting a detailed and realistic masterpiece.

Learn how to paint with oils and improve your technique by visiting our Lessons On Demand website:


By downloading our App MJS TV 

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Once you become a member at Michael James Smith Tv, every oil painting tutorial is available to watch instantly online.

“Michael’s character, demeanor and teaching skills are easy to follow, understand and enjoy. I hope to see many more episodes to come.”

Durhl Davis

“Michael James Smith is a gifted artist and teacher. He is very generous in sharing his painting techniques. Very real person.”

Ann Sete

“I am just starting and Michael's videos are inspirational.”

Marc Dimmick

"fabulous teacher, and easy to understand."

Margaret Spiegel Mitchell

"His instruction and technique is top notch. I have learned a lot from watching his videos."

Dave Cernansky


New Lesson ' Classical Flowers' Now Available on MJS Tv

New Lesson ' Classical Flowers' Now Available on MJS Tv

 Classical Flowers is the first painting in the Alternative Style Category. I wanted to explore a different style to my usual highly detailed photorealistic paintings. I often admire loosely paint...

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New Lesson 'Feeling Fruity' Now Available on MJS Tv

New Lesson 'Feeling Fruity' Now Available on MJS Tv

A Tropical Vibrant Fruity Cocktail. Follow along while I teach you how to paint this refreshing summery cocktail. Moving away from my landscape paintings for a while, I was drawn to this image wit...

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Translated Tutorial Library

Translated Tutorial Library

We are in the process of subtitling and translating all of the lessons on MJS Tv in to multiple languages. Several have already been subtitled and translated including our free lesson. Some of thes...

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I've put together this Patreon account with the aim of subsidising the creation of more and more artwork showing a much greater variety of subject matter which I can then share with you on YouTube.

**Starting January 2022, I'll be filming a monthly livestream exclusively for my Patreon members.**

I'll be giving live demos, detailed instruction. Ask me questions, anything you like. Are you struggling with a painting of your own and would like my advice? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see me paint?

For as little as $2 per month you can become a patron and get access to my livestream content. For those who can't make the livestream, no problem, it's recorded and available to view whenever you want on my Patreon page.

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