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About Me


Michael James Smith

Hi I'm Michael!

I'm a professional artist who lives in a small village on the outskirts of Chelmsford, a city in England, with my wife, three children and dog!

I was inspired to paint by my father, who is also a landscape artist.  As a child, I would often sit with my Dad and enjoy spending time painting with him. Although my Dad provided invaluable advice and instruction on how to paint, I soon developed my own style.  As a teenager I spent time visiting Dad's exhibitions, where I would stand alongside his work and listen to the comments and discussions from fellow art enthusiasts.  It gave me great pleasure to see the enjoyment people took from Dad's art and I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be a full-time artist.

I decided to follow my passion and continue with my love of art once I left school, initially studying fine art at college, then from the age of 18 joining Dad  in his studio at our then family home. I have shared a studio with Dad for most of my career. You’ll often see Dad in the background of my Youtube videos.

My landscapes are painted using oil paints, sometimes with some use of acrylics during the initial phase. I've always enjoyed developing my distinctive photorealistic style by paying attention to every detail. My reference material is often a photo I have taken whilst on my travels, both close to where I live or further afield. My inspiration is taken from nature and the sights around me.


Michael James Smith Family photo

In 2019 my family and I launched our two websites and to make a new start after an unfortunate episode with someone who turned out to be a conman.

I'm dedicated to sharing my techniques and creativity with as many people as I can. You may have seen my large collection of free videos on social media which I know inspires many of you. I love seeing how well they're received and how my techniques are used to create your own masterpieces in all corners of the globe. For those of you who want to take your painting to the next level, there's my official painting school. I'm looking forward to a future filled with great art and I want to take as many of my fellow artists along with me for the journey. I hope you can join me!