Caring For Your Brushes

Tips for looking after your brushes.

Because I use Winsor & Newton Alkyd fast drying paints, Liquin and white spirit, I usually clean any brush that I am not currently painting with.  All of those products promote fast drying and I would not want the paint to dry on the brush.  

At the end of a days painting I will always swish my paints in white spirit and then wipe on a paper towel until no colour can be seen. 

*To do this use a clean thinner (White Spirit) that has not been used during painting.

It's important not to leave your brushes standing in the white spirit for any length of time as, leaving them resting on the bristles can cause them to lose their shape.  Which ultimately will affect your painting!

Swish and dry is all you need to do!

Your brushes will last longer if they are well cared for!  A set of brushes which are cleaned properly should last up to six months.