Painting fine details with the Series 2 Pointed Brush

I get many questions asking how I achieve such high detail in my paintings.  Brush control is paramount when painting fine details and of course having the right equipment is essential. I use my Series 2 pointed brushes to create pin point accuracy! 

I use the Series 2 Pointed brush, available in 2 sizes, to add incredible detail to my paintings!

 This is my go-to brush!

You can purchase the Series 2 Pointed brush here. 

With it’s short bristles and pointed tip, this brush enables me to paint intricate details in tight areas and create more definition.

Adding a small amount of thinner to the paint enables a smoother consistency which helps when creating fine details. 

Use the gentlest of touches, and if needed rest your hand on the panel or a piece of wood to steady your hand when adding intricate lines or features.

Painting the wrinkles and creases in my ‘Elderly Man’ painting was made easier by using the Series 2 pointed brush. The short pointed tip of the brush is perfect for precision painting, as well as tapering lines. Adding thinner enables the lightest of touches to create fine lines, and using the very tip of the brush with a steady hand is very important.

Creating the intricate feather details of ‘The Kingfisher’ was a challenge, it was made easier by using the Series 2 Pointed brush. When painting such fine detail, steady your hand if needed by resting your little finger on the panel, this will give you better control of the brush. Using the very tip of the short pointed brush with a thinner added to the paint will make it easier to add fine delicate lines.

Achieving the delicate patterns on the Teapot with the series 2 was so rewarding, and the results are stunning! This brush was an essential tool for creating the detailed patterns and reflections, the shorter pointed tip enabled better control of brush movement and by adding a touch of thinner enabled more fluid brush strokes. Watch my YouTube time lapse video below.

Remember brush control is paramount when painting fine details, if you’re patient there is no reason why you can’t achieve stunning detail in your work!

Happy painting!