Painting effectively with the Dagger Brush

Painting long grasses, distant tree canopies and ripples in water is made easier by using the Dagger Brush, so named because of it’s sword like appearance and unique shape, with a fine tip and gradual curved edge. 

Series 9 Ivory Dagger Brush is available to purchase here

This brush is ideal for using alongside the Rigger brushes when painting grass, with long strokes you can achieve the perfect tapered blades of grass as seen here in my St Ives painting.

Watch my tutorial here you will see how this brush is perfect for adding thicker blades of grass. The Dagger has many benefits, as you are able to achieve a nice sharp edge.  You are also able to get a nice thin line which holds the paint effectively, so it will stand proud giving an impasto effect.

The trick is you need to have plenty of paint in the mix on your palette, to enable you to pick a lot of it up on the brush.

Using the very tip of the Dagger brush is effective for adding distant tree canopies, there is no need to thin the paint, this works really well with paint straight from the tube. Watch my YouTube video above to see how I create the trees on the side of the mountain. 


Happy Painting!