60th Lesson 'Self Portrait' Now Available On MJS Tv



In the run up to starting a new lesson I always look through our catalogue of lessons to see if there's anything, subject wise, that we are short of. I also take on board the many comments and requests from you, my members. The last full face portrait we released, 'The Elderly Man' was incredibly popular and it's been a while since we've tackled anything similar....so here we are!

My initial thought with this lesson was to find a photo of someone recognisable, perhaps a public figure, but there were image copyright complications with that idea so I thought it best to avoid. This led me on to a self portrait. The only downside with this option is it will require participants to spend a lot of time looking at my face (I wouldn't wish that on anyone) but what is art if we don't have to suffer for it!

 I really enjoyed this lesson, I think you will too!

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