New Lesson 'Coyote' Now Available On MJS TV

Try this lesson if you want to improve your oil painting skills and develop your techniques when painting fur.

I’ve been wanting to paint another animal portrait for some time now. Whilst looking for a subject that is not only challenging but interesting too, I came across this striking image. The Coyote in all his glory with subtle muted tones and cool flecks highlighted in his long and coarse fur. Standing alert sniffing out his surroundings, the reddish tinges in his ears adding a soft warm glow. This painting has so many interesting elements, I’m sure you’ll find it extremely rewarding to complete.

In this 20 part in-depth tutorial I will guide you through the various stages from blocking-in to painting intricate details. I will also teach you the techniques I use to create photorealistic fur and fine details.

Being a close up we can see the fine detail in the fur.  I like the subdued colours, and the contrast in areas.

Elements in sharp focus and areas out of focus require different techniques, which you will learn in this tutorial.  

This makes a really interesting lesson, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Happy Painting!