New Lesson 'The Lion' now available on MJS TV


In a quest to find something unusual and interesting, something that would challenge you (and me!), I came across this magnificent photo. I just love everything about this subject.

There is something awe-inspiring about the majestic Lion, with his long flowing mane and muscular broad chest. This painting was immensely rewarding, the powerful yet relaxed Lion, against the warmth of the setting sun. Surveying the landscape he rules and looking over his pride, peaceful and serene after a long hot and tiring day. 

In this lesson you’ll learn how to master the sharpest of details and also the soft blends required for the shallow depth of focus. It has some very interesting elements in it, which will enable you to develop a wider range of skills, that you can then take and use in future paintings.

Give this lesson a go; I really enjoyed it and I think you will too! View now