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 A timeless and classy cocktail. ‘Shaken, not stirred’ of course!

Follow along while I teach you how to paint this inviting Martini drink.

Technically speaking, this subject is relatively simple. The limited palette of colours and brush techniques make it a great lesson for beginners and intermediate artists, although simple doesn't always mean easy!

A steady hand will be needed for accurate brush control, especially with the straight and curved edges of the glass.

I also encourage you to study the sketching diagram to ensure the proportions are correct to achieve the best results.  It's so important to get that stage correct if your painting is going to be realistic!

I use a straight edge at various points during this lesson to steady my hand. 

Using fine detail brushes enables you to create a sharp edge and add fine delicate details.

I enjoyed the different thought process this one required. I hope you enjoy painting it too!

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