New Lesson 'Night In Town' Now Available On MJS TV

Learn how to paint this nighttime scene

I’ve been asked a few times to include a nighttime town or city scene in my tutorials!  When I’m looking for interesting scenes to use for painting lessons I look for something challenging and fun, this was both!

It's something a bit different and a scene I've never painted as a lesson before!

I use a straight edge throughout this painting to steady my hand and perfect the straight lines needed.

Getting the levels of light and dark correct will challenge you, helping you to develop new skills and work on techniques you can then carry on to other paintings.

There's a lot of instruction on creating texture in this lesson too!  

Don't let the complexity of this lesson put you off, there is so much to learn for all levels of ability.

Give this tutorial a go; it’s really fun and not as difficult as it looks.

I really enjoyed this lesson I think you will too!

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Happy Painting!