New Lesson 'The Rocky Trail' Now Available on MJS TV

Learn how to paint this beautiful Scottish Scene in my new lesson.  This particular scene is vintage MJS from around 2008-2016 when I painted many Scottish scenes as the demand was outstanding.

I have spent numerous hours refining the techniques required to paint these details throughout my career. I am thrilled to teach you how to paint this rustic landscape, which incorporates various elements to help you enhance and master your painting skills.

This landscape boasts breathtaking views of the Scottish hills and valleys, the vastness of the distant landscape is so awe-inspiring I had to include it in this lesson alongside the Rocky trail.

In this 8 part tutorial I will guide you through the various stages from blocking in to adding intricate details.

This lesson will provide you with the skills and techniques necessary to paint various landscape scenes.

I really enjoyed painting this scene & going back to my roots, I hope you enjoy painting it too.

Happy painting! 

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