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Article: New Lesson 'Feeling Fruity' Now Available on MJS Tv

New Lesson 'Feeling Fruity' Now Available on MJS Tv

New Lesson 'Feeling Fruity' Now Available on MJS Tv

A Tropical Vibrant Fruity Cocktail.

Follow along while I teach you how to paint this refreshing summery cocktail.

Moving away from my landscape paintings for a while, I was drawn to this image with it’s vibrant colours and textural challenges. This painting has many exciting elements, requiring a steady hand for precise brush control, particularly along the glass's straight and curved edges. Accurate sketching is crucial for achieving a realistic painting.

This tutorial guides you through the blocking-in process through to finishing a highly detailed work of art! 

I used a support at certain points to help steady my hand

Fine detail brushes enable you to create intricate details.


I hope you enjoy painting this as much as I did!

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