Frequently asked questions | Tutorials

How can I learn to paint like Michael James Smith?

Michael shares a wealth of knowledge in step-by-step tutorials, covering many different subjects and demonstrating his technique from start to finish. Each tutorial teaches the techniques Michael uses and offers everything you will need to know and practice to be able to use his oil painting technique and paint beautiful paintings that you will be proud of. This includes sketching, blocking-in, applying details, mixing colours and how to use brushes. Take a look over all the available tutorials, which include a free to view lesson to try, and start painting today!


Do the tutorials have subtitles?

We are in the process of subtitling and translating all of the lessons on MJS Tv in to multiple languages. Several have already been subtitled and translated including our free lesson, How to Paint an Autumn Tree, How to Paint a Simple Landscape, Winter in Austria and How to Paint Water, Beachy Head Lighthouse, Cumulonimbus, Lofoten, The Lion, How To Paint Mountains, Starry Night


How long are the tutorial videos available to view?

Once you become a member you can view the whole catalogue of tutorials as many times as you like. They will always be available as long as you are a paying member. The tutorials range from 5-22 hours in length and cover a wide range of subjects including landscapes, seascapes and still-life. There are tutorials to suit all skill levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced so that there will always be something to challenge you.


What size panel will I need for the tutorials?

A large number of the panels I use are in a square format of 12″x12″, 13″x13″ or 16"x16", with a few in landscape format of 12"x16". These are available to purchase in my store. You are free to use any size you wish and you can often use the grid method to change the shape of the picture to fit another size panel or canvas.


We have dedicated help pages on MJS Tv that will help you with your membership, account and any technical issues.